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One Banana, Two Banana…

Every event is unique,so we’ll do everything possible to accommodate your specific needs. Basically, we’ll arrive at a price by asking you four basic questions:

1. How many blends would you like to offer?
2. How generous would you like the drinks to be?
3. How many people are you serving?
4. How many drinks do you expect each person to drink?
(Don’t forget to count a few extra for Uncle Lou.)

It sounds complicated, but we make it a cinch by helping you answer these questions (completing and faxing the enclosed pre-estimate is great start), and then giving you an estimate you can count on.

Here are a few sample scenarios to help give you a rough idea of what it’ll take to make your event a juicy affair:

Big Corporate Shindig
3 Blends, Small (12oz) Drinks, 350 Guests, 2 Drinks Each = $2,500

The Wedding

3 Blends, Medium (16oz) Drinks, 150 Guests, 1 Drink Each = $600

A Private Affair

3 Blends, Large (20oz) Drinks, 50 Guests, 1 Drink Each = $300


Catering Agreement

Pre-Estimate Form