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Not Just an Event, a Juicy Affair.

Every host and hostess wants their celebration to be special. So delight your guests with a tasty,fun alternative to desserts and booze. They’ll literally go bananas. Consider this: would you rather hit the dance floor with a juice that cools you down,or a big ol’ piece of cake that weights you down? Besides, not everyone imbibes, especially at professional events. And not every event happens at night — think bridal shower brunch. Fresh juices and smoothies are that memorable twist you’ve been looking for.

It's A Natural

Choose from as many as 20 different blends of smoothies, and frozen coffee & chai drinks – via our new addition – Cafe´ Pulp. It’s all whipped up fresh right before your guests’ very eyes. If you like,we’ll help you create a menu of custom blends to compliment your food offerings. We’ll even print up menus with creative flavor names that match your event’s theme.

We make it oh so very easy.

You don’t have to worry about a thing. Our nifty juice cart has it all — blenders,coolers, the works. We’ll deck it out it to fit right in with your event’s mood and theme — from colorful crazy to black tie formal — and the same goes for the friendly folks making your juices.

Have a Juicy Affiar.

So give us a jingle, try a taste and see for yourself how we can make your event a juicy affair.