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Now Introducing...

We are now offering a complete line of frozen coffee drinks and frozen chai drinks with the great taste and quality you’ve come to expect from Pulp Catering. They are: absolutely outstanding, a cut above, raising the bar, extraordinary – alright I’m running out of amazingly catchy phrases — let’s just say they are pretty darn good.

Frozen Coffee Drinks

Truly Latte – This delectable blend combines dark roast Colombian coffee with vanilla and cream. Truly Latte is perfect as a blended iced latte, served over ice or as a base to add flavored syrups to. Lactose free and low fat, this drink is quick and delicious! Available in decaf as well!

Ja’Mocha – Ja’Mocha is an exceptional blend of rich Ghirardelli Cocoa combined with a deep, dark roast Colombian coffee. Rich, creamy and satisfying…..For that great “coffee house” taste, just say “Ja’Mocha”!! Available in decaf.

Cocoa’ccino – Want more than a cup of java? Cocoa’ccino is designed for the coffee lovers in the crowd. The finest dark roast Colombian Coffee complements a hint of Ghirardelli Cocoa in this blend. Smooth and Creamy…..YUM!! Available in decaf…

Mocha Java – The healthiest mocha just got better! Two varieties of coffees are combined with a darker Ghirardelli cocoa for a classic coffeehouse taste. Mocha Java is pure decadence, less the guilt!

Milk Chocolate Mocha
– Reminiscent of the chocolate milk you enjoyed as a child, and Milk Chocolate Mocha takes it to the next level.The great taste of delicious Ghirardelli cocoa and deep, rich Colombian coffee are harmonized to perfection.

Toffee Chocolate
– In your face toffee is the hallmark of this absolutely original signature blend. The strong Toffee and Chocolate is reminiscent of a tasty toffee ice cream bar. The excellent flavor sticks with you and keeps you asking for more.

Almond Mocha – Like nuts and chocolate? Then this nutty Almond Mocha is the perfect blend to satisfy your craving. Special dark cocoa, real almonds and Pulp’s special touch create yet another taste masterpiece.

Frozen Coffee Drinks

Chai Original – the perfect balance of spices blended with vanilla and black tea. This medium spiced chai Tea brings you back to the homeland in a heartbeat
— Salaam!

Hot and Honey Spiced Chai – This blend is not for the timid or weak
of heart. Alive and vibrant, the spices come forward and let their
presence be known. The great flavor of real honey in a creamy
base serves up a very unique taste experience that says, “Ain’t
nothing shy about this chai!”

Vanilla Chai – Relax with this Chai, it is the quieter one of
the group...mellow and creamy, with tones of wholesome honey
and a hint of spice for those who enjoy a mellow spiced chai.