Pulp. drink your juice  

A Delicious Surprise

You’re a guest at a fabulous party. You make your entrance,do that French kissy,
kissy thing on a few cheeks,and chart a course for a drink. Along the way you con-
template what you want. A cocktail? No,not tonight. A beer? No,no,too heavy. Wine? Maybe,but... Then you see them,like the mirage of an oasis.Fresh smoothies.
Here? Now? Why not! You order your favorite:Brazil ’66. As you watch the fruit and ice
swirl into a tasty treat,you realize that this is exactly what you want. A friendly voice says,“enjoy.” Your smile says,“I will.” More >

Now Introducing... Cafe Pulp

We are now offering a complete line of frozen coffee drinks and frozen chai drinks with the great taste and quality youíve come to expect from Pulp Catering. They are: absolutely outstanding, a cut above, raising the bar, extraordinary Ė alright Iím running out of amazingly catchy phrases ó letís just say they are pretty darn goodÖ More >


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